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Sol Kellan was born in Mexico City in 1987. As a kid she was mesmerized by ballet and circus and decided to become a costume designer at the age of 9. At school she started making and wearing upcycled costumes and soon she realized she needed to learn fashion design in order to become a costume designer.  After graduating from college she started right away designing costumes for cabaret shows and low budget theatrical plays. 

Life has not been easy those years and she got mixed up in toxic relations and found herself depressed and a victim of sexual abuse. That´s when she realized she can transform herself into fantastic characters in order to live another reality and be able to overcome pain and sadness. She began sharing her fantasy characters in social media and the word spread out. She became know in Mexico for making circus costumes and makeup. Pretty soon she was making costumes and makeup for Cirque du Soleil founder Gilles Ste-croix, Natalia Lafoucade and Chula the Clown. Later on she got the chance to work in big musical productions like Jesus Christ Superstar and Hoy No Me Puedo Levantar. She dreamt about making the costumes for the International Day of the Dead Parade and in 2021 she got her big chance and was asked to make 500 costumes for the whole parede. She also worked with Academy Award Winner Eugenio Caballero designing Mexica, Amazon Prime series makeup. Another of her child´s dreams was to make ballet costumes and on August 2023 she designed and made costumes for the ballet LEO, based in Leonora Carrington with The National Dance Company premiered at Bellas Artes. 

Sol Kellan continues to design her own characters and uses her methodology and experience to create worlds writing stories, producing shows and designing costumes for every new project ahead.

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Sol Kellan as a creator and sexual abuse survivor began telling her story in 2022. Through her talks she seeks to inspire people in taking the risk of create their own reality by making creativity and imagination a powerful tool for change.

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